Diversis Capital is a Flexible & Operationally Focused Private Equity Partner

We partner with sellers to invest in traditional and unique situations and bring focused transformational expertise to portfolio company operations

  • deversis_icon_orangeTransactional Expertise.

    We believe that success begins with structuring the right deal – for both Diversis and sellers.  The deal structure should allow creativity and flexibility, something that most other private equity firms cannot offer.  This is important since a seller’s needs may include a variety of factors, from peace of mind, to ongoing profit participation to a range of other considerations.  Our expertise in carve-outs, standalone company investments, distressed debt and bankruptcies, allows us to provide solutions to the meet almost any set of circumstances.

    deversis_icon_greenOperational Improvement.

    We understand the value of operational focus and rigor.  Pre and post-close of investments, we create transformational blueprints and drive fast and focused initiatives. We have a network of key advisors and subject matter experts to make sure we craft the right strategy and relationships for success.  Most of all, we empower our management teams to make game-changing decisions and think outside the box to reach the next level of potential.

    deversis_icon_purpleBusiness Development.

    We believe relationships are paramount in building a successful investment firm and best-in-class companies – but we also strongly believe that relationships are driven by the value that Diversis provides. Our philosophy towards building long term relationships and contacts in various industries rest on providing great investment and operational theses to company management, owners and founders.

  • deversis_icon_blueCarve-outs.

    Diversis’ team has experience in acquiring non-core business divisions that may not have reached their full potential or no longer fit with the parent company’s long-term strategic plan. We have developed expertise in carving out divisions from corporate parents and setting up the company as a standalone entity with minimal disruption to the Seller.

    deversis_icon_redEquity Investments in Standalone Businesses.

    Diversis seeks acquisitions in many types of standalone businesses in transactions involving revised capital structure needs, company underperformance and turn-around situations, retiring founder sales, management buy-outs, and bankruptcies.

    deversis_icon_greyDebt Investment in Standalone Businesses.

    Diversis will work with lenders to resolve issues within their distressed loan portfolios such as loans that are in severe covenant default and are headed for insolvency.  Our strategy is flexible and can take on many forms to accommodate and resolve issues between stakeholders.

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